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Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting system are commonly used to protect areas containing valuable or critical equipment such as data processing rooms, telecommunication switches, and process control rooms.
Detailed Description

Fire Fighting system, a system of equipment used to prevent, extinguish, localize, or block fires in enclosed spaces. Automatic fire-fighting systems are installed in buildings and rooms where the fire hazard is comparatively high. A distinction is made between systems that are actuated automatically and operate according to a predetermined program and those that are actuated by an operator; the former are called automatic fire protection systems, the latter fire protection units. An automatic fire-fighting system includes a sensor capable of detecting combustion, alarm signaling devices, fire-extinguishing equipment, starting and stopping devices, and feeders for the fire-extinguishing substance; in some cases, it includes control equipment for the production process being protected. Atomizers, foam generators, and pipe nozzles form and direct the stream of the fire-extinguishing substance, which may be a liquid, foam, powder, or gas. Fire-extinguishing substances are fed into the system from a centralized supply, such as a water supply, or from self-contained or combined feeders.


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